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December 2008

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ras_elased in merlinscupboard


I was wondering if anyone happened to catch Colin Morgan on the Paul O'Grady Show that (I believe) aired earlier today? I'm in the US, so I'd love for somebody to upload it. Thanks!


If nobody has uploaded it by tomorrow, I'll do it for you. (I'm crazy-scheduled right now, unfortunately!) He was on the episode from December 16th, right?

ETA : I just checked and he wasn't on the Dec 16th episode. Was he supposed to be on today's Panto special?

Edited at 2008-12-17 11:41 pm (UTC)
He was on the panto today apparently.

I know someone who uploads torrents of it but they won't have it till tomorrow. I can upload it and post it here though if anyone hasn't by then.
Oh, alright.

I suppose we have the same source for torrents, and I just noticed that the panto special wouldn't be uploaded till tomorrow. Anyway, you're welcome to fire away then! No use in us uploading it twice :)

(By any chance, though, did you get/do you still have the episode with Bradley James' wee appearance? I was going to request a re-seed but there's no point in doing that if somebody already has it!)
I don't unfortunately! It was so small that I just kinda watched it then deleted it. It could be on youtube?
(And by Bradley James' wee appearance, I mean the one on the set with all the cast? I know there's a .flv file of it posted on here, I just thought I'd ask to see if I could get .avi-lucky)
I'll see what I can do but it might be a few days.